Checkout the "Our Story" and "Our Mission" tab to learn more about us. Under those tabs you'll find the nitty gritty and all the details, I'll give you the brief version here. My name is Allison Carter and I am a rising senior at Barnstable High School. My junior year I took AP Environmental Science and throughout the year I had my struggles and doubts, but after May 1, 2017 we officially finished the curriculum and big exam. Once the seniors left there were only six remaining juniors including myself, the lone survivors. Our teacher told us to do a project, he gave us no specifications, guidelines or requirements. A few days later we met with Kelvin Ing and Andrew Todoroff from Cape Cod Challenger Club. One thing led to another and then we were officially collaborating with them to get an Ecovim machine installed in BHS. The soil amendment would be delivered to Cape Cod Challenger Club, where they will find a use for it, hopefully one that helps them produce a revenue, all the while reducing BHS' food waste by approximately 1,000 pounds per week! Also, since we are working with the high school's special education department, students with special needs will work along side mainstream students during lunch time to process the students' food waste using the Ecovim machine. This will allow them to form friendships with new students, which will be beneficial to their socialization skills, and educate them on recycling, healthy habits and a sustainable culture using a hands-on experience, while expanding their work skill set. All of this is going smoothly and will be in effect this September 2017 at BHS.

This is where we switch tracks, the story above is more of a model we hope other schools will emulate. One night after I had started the project and research on sustainability and food waste I went out to dinner at a restaurant and was presented with the typical bread and salad duo before my entree had arrived. It honestly made my heart ache and body fill with guilt knowing that even though I ate about four meals worth of food that night, the restaurant would throw away everything I couldn't finish and everything all the other customers left on their plates. Numbers filled my head until it really hit me how wasteful we unintentionally are, even when there are simple ways we can fix this. Many people just do not care enough or they simply aren't aware of this pervasive problem. Our waste and carbon footprints are real and cause damage to our planet and our own health, reducing the amount of food waste we produce, even on our local scale can make a difference. I personally have been impacted by pollution and global warming, between asthma attacks and excessive allergies I want to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. I became enamored with the Ecovim machine even more after speaking with Mr. Michael Fitzgerald from M.I.T.'s sustainability department. He sent me links of other schools using it and had only great things to say about MIT's experience with it. The Ecovim machine reduces food waste by almost 90%, for example 250 pounds of food waste would covert to 25 pounds of soil amendment and the rest in potable water. The soil amendment has been known to work wonders, and the water could be used for maintaining gardens or lawns, or simply recharging our aquifer. My goal is to work with local business establishments to make our home a more clean, green and sustainable place. This blog and updates tab will be the spot where I share my progress throughout this journey. Stay tuned and check back for updates, thank you for reading!

-Allison Carter

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