Our Compost Project Makes Cape Cod Time's Front Page!

What an honor it is to be featured on the front page of Cape Cod Times’ Sunday paper today, November 26, 2017! A special thank you to Doug Fraser, the author of the article and Merrily Cassidy, the photographer for sharing our story with the world...or at least Cape Cod readers. Also, many thanks to Mr. David Gorrill, Mr. Kelvin Ing, Mr. Herb Montgomery, Mr. Michael Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Spence, Mr. Watson, and all teachers and students from Barnstable High School's Special Education Department and Camryn Roberts-Capak. Also, not mentioned in the article but incredibly helpful and supportive to me during this entire journey, many thanks to Mike Lyons and Katie Nikas of my Ben & Jerry's Family! Pick up a Sunday paper or click the photo to read the online article.