Better Late Than Never!

I figured it would be best to continue update the public on all my projects and progress no matter how minuscule and seemingly insignificant. Senior year is a very hectic time and the details of this idea and my actions materialized this fall before Ben & Jerry’s on Hyannis Main Street closed for the season.

After working a lot of hours this fall, I became increasingly frustrated with the waste of coffee; every night at closing time the staff would throw the coffee from the entire day and night down the drain. When homeless people came in to use the bathroom, for warmth, or to order something, many of them wanted coffee needing that caffeine jolt. Considering the piling expense that many people add to their daily lives by stopping for coffee to and from school or work, I knew there was some kind of value to the leftover but still bold coffee.

After getting the OK from my boss I reached out to Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) and my local parish to find shelters or food pantries that would accept the donation. In the end, I distributed the frozen coffee cubes to Angel House and one of the family shelters in Hyannis. A special thank you to my bosses Michael Lyons and Katie Nikas for dealing with a freezer full of frozen coffee for two months and for supporting me through all of my crazy ideas!

Ben & Jerry’s is now closed for the season until the spring, but I look forward to my uncovering more neglect resources in the community and redistributing them to places and people that can use them! Whether it is coffee or food left untouched and unsold at the end of the day, every alternative that keeps these items in the community and not in our landfill is my goal.

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