In-school Field trip at Barnstable High School: Seeking Help!

I am are currently organizing an in-school field trip at Barnstable High School in Hyannis to promote environmental literacy and awareness within the student body on Friday, April 13, 2018. To achieve BHS’ National Green School Society’s (NGSS) goal while engaging students and potentially recruiting peers with ideas and goals similar to ours is the intent. The event will include workshops, open discussions, and hands-on activities run by students and representatives from local organizations and businesses.

My idea for the in-school academic advancement opportunity was in part inspired by Professor Mazur of Harvard University and his reinforcement of the theory that supports an active and flexible teaching style. His written work explores the differences between a typical classroom in which the “transfer of information lacks learning and retention” and an environment that incorporates peer discussion and fosters emotional investment in learning. We intend to provide an interactive event for students to participate in activities and attend information sessions based upon their own fields of interest within the realm of environmental science. In doing so, NGSS hopes to raise awareness regarding issues that impact the Cape community. By relating the environment to human activity, students are actively listening and exhibiting a local and global responsibility. We anticipate that students will be using creativity to enhance their perspective and hopefully alter their actions based upon their newly acquired knowledge.

Time is of the essence and the first week in April is my target for finalizing the details and logistics of this first time event. If you are a business, organization or individual who has the time and resources to contribute or participate in this academic advancement opportunity for BHS students, please send me an email at Additional contact information is also available on the ‘Contact’ tab above. Whether you can provide an activity, educational materials, and/or promotional items that can be raffled off as an incentive, any contribution will benefit the students directly. All donations and volunteers for our Friday, April 13th event are welcome and greatly appreciated. Additional details regarding the expectations and logistics of the event can be provided upon request.