World Oceans Day: June 8, 2018

World Oceans Day 2018🌊

★Cut down single-use plastic usage with simple lifestyle changes. Here are some simple swaps to decease your single use plastic usage:

-plastic water bottles for reusable water bottles

-plastic utensils for reusable bamboo utensils

-plastic bags from stores for reusable/cloth bags

-plastic straws for metal/paper straws!

★Recycle anything & everything you can! Making sure your waste gets in the correct receptacles helps keep it out of the oceans!

★Educate yourself on the products you use. Plastic microbeads can commonly be for be found in face washes/scrubs, toothpastes, and cosmetic products. The microbeads enter the waterways, sewer system and oceans causing harm to many organism.

★Organize or join a beach cleanup, every set of hands makes a difference🙌🏼

★Be active and vocal🌟 Change does not happen overnight, but taking steps to reduce your own ecological footprint inspires others to do so as well. Start by asking for water without a straw when you go out to a restaurant & soon these habits will be engrained! Will you be apart of the change and help preserve our oceans?