DIY Beeswax Food Wraps: the eco-alternative to plastic & saran wrap you never knew you needed un

Plastic Free July may be over, but it is never too late to make your life more eco-friendly with a few simple swaps! After reflecting on ways to further reduce my own ecological footprint, I came across a store that was selling beeswax wraps, a reusable alternative for plastic wrap. I thought I’d give it a DIY whirl and after some experimentation I have a stack of these colorful and nifty beeswax wraps to call my own. I plan to share more projects and sustainable products in the future to provide some information and resources to those looking to make their life or home more green! Due to technical difficulties I could not include the video for this project, however there will be photos attached below that show the steps.

Why Beeswax Wraps?

🐝Think of how much plastic wrap you use on a regular basis, most of it is used once and then thrown away. This simple activity can help you cut down on your single use plastic usage to help reduce your ecological footprint and help make the planet a greener place, wooooo! Purchasing wax from your local beekeepers/bee farms or farmers market helps support local businesses.

🐝You can use these wraps for anything cheeses, bread, vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, etc. Basically any food/snacks that will not leak everywhere

🐝A singular wrap can last up to a year, just reapply wax if needed!

🐝You can sew the coated fabric into a pouch and add a button or velcro for a to-go snack and sandwich bag!

🐝They are easy to use, just wrap the wrap around your food item and if covering a bowl place the fabric on the top. The heat from your hands will mold the fabric into the desired shape, top off with a rubber band or some string if you feel you need a little extra security

🐝They are super cute and you can customize them by choosing your own fabric patterns, not to mention they are inexpensive to make since you can purchase fabric in bulk and they last a long time!


🐝Rinse gently with cold water and a mild dish soap and let them air dry, it’s that simple!

🐝Avoid wrapping products such as a meat and fish since you cannot clean the wraps with hot water


✔ cardboard square that fits in your oven

✔ beeswax block or pellets

✔ cotton fabric (100% cotton so it doesn’t melt in the oven!)

✔ cheese grater


  1. Preheat oven to 175°F

  2. Cut your fabric into squares, common dimensions for this project are as follows*:

Small Sized Wrap: 8x8 inches Medium Sized Wrap: 11x11 inches Large Sized Wrap: 14x14 inches *Obviously cut them to any size/shape that works for you, these are just some basic dimensions to get you started!

  1. Place fabric square(s) flat on the cardboard. Use cheese grater to evenly distribute the grated beeswax across the fabric, if using the pellets just sprinkle evenly across the fabric.

  2. Pop in the oven for about 5 minutes, check on it one or twice to see if the wax is melting. When the majority is melted and there are still a few bits left, take it out of the oven and scrape remaining wax to the edges with a paper towel or a piece of cardboard and place back in the oven for about 3 minutes. You’ll want to make sure the entire piece of fabric is coated in the beeswax. If you did not achieve your ideal result, you can add more wax and put it back in the oven and repeat the process until you are satisfied. This process takes some patience and time the first few wraps, it’s a learning experience!

  3. Before the fabric hardens to the cardboard, carefully peel it off (it may be HOT!) and hold it for a few moments, the wax will harden enough to put it on a countertop or another piece of cardboard where it can finish the cooling/hardening process.

  4. TA-DA, just fold to store and you are good to go!

medium sized fabric square topped with thick shavings of beeswax

not the best photo, but this is the fabric after being put in the oven for a few minutes.

you can see several bits of wax that have not melted completely.

spread remaining wax to the edge using a paper towel or piece of cardboard and place fabric back into the oven until wax is fully melted and absorbed into the fabric.

beeswax food wraps in use! from stir fry to lemon, it can do it all!

the finished product :)

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