Welcome The Newest Mission CC Team Member!

Hello! My name is Mona Boumghait and I am excited to announce I have officially partnered with Allison Carter in the Mission Cape Cod journey! I am currently a Freshman at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy majoring in Energy Systems Engineering. I have worked with Allison in various Mission Cape Cod projects, including our in-school field trip at Barnstable High School, running the Ecovim during our senior year, and frequently providing a daily dose of nature by capturing the beauty of the Cape through my camera. I originally became interested in environmental protection and emission awareness during my senior year of high school where I joined the National Green Schools Society simply because I didn’t feel like going home before picking my sister up from practice. From there, a way to kill time became a real passion and a clear guide to my current major. As I started to recognize environmental crises from a local standpoint, paralleling with my harbored admiration for the beauty and serenity of the Cape and beyond, I realized this is the beginning of my future. However, instead of simply being another student in environmental science, I wanted to contribute on a wider scale, to change the attitude many have towards our natural resources through the engineering of practical alternatives to fossil fuels. In two months time, I found myself researching alternative energies such as off-shore wind farms, harvesting energy from the tides, and biofuel. As the up and coming generation, it is our civil and moral obligation to protect and conserve our resources through reducing our carbon footprint. While we have a long way to go in saving our planet, I am optimistic about the future. I look forward to working alongside Allison in not only spreading environmental awareness through educational events, but also posting updates on my own projects including sustainable farming, visiting Earth University in Costa Rica, potentially bringing an Ecovim to Mass. Maritime and more. Stay tuned for my next post!