Allison's Introduction

Hello! I decided it may be a good idea for me to post an introduction that includes updated information about me and my work from the ‘Our Story’ tab. My name is Allison Carter and I graduated from Barnstable High School (BHS) in 2018 and am currently an Environmental Science major at UMASS Amherst. In the Spring of 2017 I created Mission Cape Cod as my own makeshift organization to promote environmental literacy and awareness within the local community. Mission Cape Cod aims to inform the general public about issues such as climate change and pollution and ideally provides ways to reduce our individual and collective ecological footprints.

For much of my life, my heart was set on becoming a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. It wasn’t until I began the food waste reduction initiative at BHS that I realized my career path would change drastically. I entertained thoughts of simultaneously pursuing both majors: Speech Pathology and Environmental Science to picking and choosing one or the other on any given day, it was a challenge. When finalizing my official class schedule for the fall semester I had an epiphany. I instantly decided that no matter how much I loved working with children and how much I gained through my senior year internship with some amazing educators at Centerville Elementary, I needed to challenge myself and take the road that would ultimately be the most intellectually and emotionally rewarding.

Thus here I am writing to you several months later from college as I make a list of all the posts that need updates and mention several additional ideas that come to mind. From scrambling in AP Environmental Science my junior year in high school to dreaming up an eco industry in which my partner, Mona Boumghait, (BHS 2018, MMA 2021) and I will work tirelessly to (ideally) create a biofuel business while continuing to promote environmental literacy awareness. This is the journey for me. In a matter of months my habits have changed: bamboo utensil set always with me when I’m on the go, metal straw and cleaner handy, reusable water bottles handy to use filtered water from our fridge. These are all simple changes that have reduced my carbon footprint and the amount of chemicals that are leached into my body. My employer (Ben and Jerry’s in Hyannis) jumped onboard agreeing to sell metal straws to benefit Mission Cape Cod. Rather than seeing myself as an ‘eco freak’ I realize I have simply become more aware. So I invite you to embark on this journey with me; perhaps you will learn a thing or two along the way, acquire a new habit and accept this sustainable lifestyle if you dare.