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Resolutions For A Greener New Year!

A new year brings a sense of renewal and desire for self improvement, igniting new goals and ambitions for the coming months. This year, we challenge you to go green by making these effortless swaps, making your daily routine ecologically friendly! We get it, the most difficult part of any goal is starting, however, each change you incorporate into everyday life will become a habit if you put the required time and effort into achieving these goals. Every change counts no matter how little!

An easy way to start is by bringing your own reusable coffee cups. This is arguably one of the best lifestyle changes to start with. One coffee stop five days a week will annually produce 260 cups that are lined with, or made up entirely of plastic. Remember, this is 260 cups per ONE person. Multiple that by the amount of years one person relies on disposable cups and then multiply it again by the amount of people in the United States that drink coffee regularly. Reusable cups come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Coffee shops have become incredibly receptive to sustainability initiatives. Many even offer a price incentive by reducing their prices to initiate a change in customer behavior, such as bringing their own, reusable coffee cups.

Opt for shampoo and conditioner bars rather than traditional plastic bottles. These bars contain natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are also ideal for traveling as they do not contain liquid and save space! Check out our two favorite brands, Ethique and Lush to try these products for yourself!

Face washes and masks often contain long lists of unpronounceable chemicals containing plastic micro-beads that end up contaminating the ocean and other water systems. Some products contradict the labels and act as irritants when used. To avoid this issue, take some time to research products you are currently using, or anticipate in purchasing. Last year, I switched from a charcoal face wash in a plastic container to the Lush Coalface bar and have reduced the amount of plastic in my daily routine while finding a product that works better for me.

The same applies for face masks you can buy at any drug or beauty store. Challenge yourself and get creative the next time you find yourself reaching for a tube that will last a few uses then sit in a landfill for decades. Pinterest and other media platforms have hundreds of recipes for you to DIY and make a homemade mask from REAL ingredients you can find around your house.

Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every one to two months, consequently nearly a billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of annually in North America. The amount of nonrenewable resources consumed in the manufacturing of these products, along with the pollution and environmental damage they cause is a clear sign to look for a better alternative. Bamboo toothbrushes come in different shapes, sizes and colors just as plastic ones do, and everything is compostable (excluding the bristles).

While it is wishful thinking to assume most

people have invested in a reusable water bottle by now, hopefully everyone will be on board by the end of this article. Consider purchasing reusable stainless steel or BPA free plastic bottles for $10 at stores like Marshalls. Considering that a single use water bottle starts at $1, it is the financially and environmentally responsible decision to make the switch. Schools, campuses, libraries, and other public areas have hydration stations where you can refill your reusable bottle for free. The hydration stations are becoming more common and plentiful to gear us all towards a more sustainable future. Plus your reusable bottle will not contain the nasty carcinogens that single use ones do!

Being prepared is the only way to combat our harmful habits of a fast and convenient lifestyle that have become ingrained in the average person. Plastic utensils are vastly distributed in the fast food industry, including takeout, and even at establishments designed to reduce expenses and appeal to customers that rely on convenience. Keeping a set of reusable utensils (bamboo, wheat straw, or metal) in your backpack, purse, or car is the easiest way to be prepared. Say no to plastic straws at the drive through and make it a habit to ask for no utensils or plasticware when eating out. Do the planet and yourself a favor! Our online shop is just a few clicks away and has products to fill all of your utensil needs.

Need More Ideas On How To Revamp Your Regular Routine?

-Look for plastic free cosmetic products packaged in bamboo or made of other renewable containers. These brands tend to be the most ethical, do not test on animals, and do not contain animal products.

-Swap Q-tips for compostable cotton buds

-Replace tubed toothpaste and replace with tooth tabs or tooth powder that can be purchased in a glass container

-Out with plastic wrap, in with beeswax wraps

-Yet another DIY opportunity to replace laundry pods or detergent for a homemade solution.

-Pick up a loose leaf tea strainer and some loose leaf tea to replace those prepackaged boxes and bags!

Send in your sustainable swap New Year's resolution or any other ideas to!

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